Scholars of Islam

”you made a mistake on one occasion and were incorrect on another occasion…..!

Imaam Dhahabee said:  Sulaymaan Bin Ma’bad said that Al-Asma’ee narrated to them, saying: Umar Bin Qais Sandalah said to (Imaam) Maalik: ”O father of Abdullaah! You made a mistake on one occasion and on another occasion you were incorrect.” He said: ”This is how people are;” then he realised (what the man stated) and said: ”Who is this?” It was said: ”It is the brother of Humaid Bin Qais.”  So he said: ”Had I known that Humaid has a brother like this, I would not have narrated from Humaid”

[Taareekul Islaam: 11/331]