Woe to you! place it on my head, for there is no more space in my stomach

Imaam Dhahabi stated in the biography of Bilaal Bin Abee Bardata Bin Abee Moosaa Al-Ash-ari that once he was amongst a group of people partaking in food.  Al-Madaa-inee stated that Bilaal sent for a butcher before day break, so he entered upon him with a stove and a big billy goat.  He said: ”slaughter it, strip off its skin and make its meat into a kebab”, so that was carried out and he sent for a dining table and placed it on it.  So the meat started being made into kebab and whenever something of it was ready to be eaten he would place it on his hand and eat, until the meat of the billy goat became very thin and nothing remain from it, except its stomach and bones, and a few pieces were left on the table.  So he said to me: ”I have eaten all of it.”  Then a slave girl came along with a cooking pot and in it were two chickens, two young birds and a wrapped food wrapping paper.  So he said (to the slave girl): ”Woe to you! Place it on my head for there is no more space in my stomach.”  We all laughed.

[Taareekhul Islaam: 8/51]