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Advice to a youth whose wife could not fulfill his strong desire for sexual relations–Al’Allaamah Saaleh Al-Luhaydaan

The questioner says that he is a young man from the Emirates and has reached the age of 32. He has a strong sexual drive and his wife is not able to meet his needs. In a single day, he asks her wife for sexual relations more than five times but his wife is not able to do so because sometimes she gets ill or tired. The questioner fears for himself a lot and he neither has wealth nor (another) house in order to marry another (wife). Also he is not able to break his wife’s heart (i.e. by getting married again); so some of the brothers advised him to observe fasting, but it has not been effective. The questioner is seeking advice about his situation because he thinks about it a lot-day and night, even during Salaah.

The Shaikh advised the questioner to carry out a lot work, which will preoccupy him and make him exert himself. Strenuous physical work will be a means of (good) health for him as well as a means of diminishing his desire for sexual intercourse in another way. He should fast because there is no doubt that fasting has an effect, for the most perfect amongst Mankind the Prophet (sallal-laahu-alayhi-wasallam) guided us to it. So if the questioner exerts himself physically, observes a lot of fasting and reduce eating food that increases his desire for sexual intercourse, these efforts will overcome and weaken it.

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