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[Part 1: Arabic] Shaikh Raslaan’s Radd Against the Innovator Ali Halabi

See link for Shaikh Raslaan’s Radd against Halabi Al-Mubtadi–Audio and transcript


The defenders of the innovator Ali Al-Halabi in the UK:

[Masjid Ibn Taymiyyah’s Admin (Brixton);

Masjid As-Sunnah’s Admin (Cheethamhill Manchester);

Masjid Al-Ghurabaa’s Admin (Luton)

and others……

Likewise, Muhammad Al-Maliki defends and sits with the followers of Halabi

The innovator Ali Al-Halabi (may Allaah guide him) said to Shaikh Khaalid Abdur-Rahmaan (may Allaah preserve him): ”O Abu Muhammad! The Mashaayikh in Najd or in the land of the two holy mosques—some of the Mashaayikh only speak against us out of envy; and from the most severe of them (i.e. in speech against us out of envy) is Fawzaan.”]