Deviated Groups, Sects and Parties Hadaadis Literature Methodology - 'Manhaj' Refutations

[1] Thorns for Musa Millington and Mourad Al-Jazaa’iri

قال أبو علي الدقاق المتوفي سنة 406ه رحمه الله

المتكلم بالباطل شيطان ناطق,فالساكت عن الحق شيطان أخرس

[شذرات الذهب  (3/80)]

Refutations against the Hajaawira: see link…


It is called “al-Mukhtasar Fee Bayaan Ba’d Mukhaalafaat Yahya al-Hajuri Limaa Alayhi Ahl al-Hadith wal-Athar” and is a compilation of most of what al-Hajuri has been criticized for. We shall be drawing on this book and (other materials) for the objectives of this site. Download the entire book here in Arabic (PDF).