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Will Naveed Ayaaz/IslamNelson/Masjid Sunnah EVER Censor the Racist Secret Agent? All Shame Lost…

As regrettable as it may be to realise, as saddening as it may be to hear, the racist secret agent working on behalf of Naveed Ayaaz, IslamNelson and Masjid Sunnah has crawled out from the stench-filled sewage works once again.

As we mentioned previously, it is the secret racist agent himself who writes on behalf of Naveed Ayaaz and his affiliates and defends them, if Naveed Ayaaz and co. do not wish for a racist secret coward to be publicly representing them as their legal team, then all it simply requires is for them to publicly declare their innocence of him and declare his activities as null and void…however, clearly they have encountered undue difficulties and complications in doing so.

Perhaps something to ponder over; why would anyone remain silent on a racist undercover agent who publicly associates himself to you and writes on your behalf? Would the logical and obvious course of action not be to clearly and openly declare your innocence of such a degraded character attaching his name to yours?

Quite apparently, logical and obvious courses of action that any sane individual would engage in are unacceptable in this situation, since if Naveed Ayaaz, IslamNelson and Masjid Sunnah did openly declare their innocence of him, therefore rendering his activities null and void, that would be damaging to them…since the secret racist is the last line of feeble defence being presented for defenders of Hizbees and innovators. [In fact, there is one more stupendous and ridiculous humiliation on their part still to come…although it would have been thought an undercover secret racist would be the icing upon the humiliation they themselves would bring upon themselves, it is not quite…indeed, what is yet to be exposed are top secret clandestine Twitter accounts! Multiple secret twitter accounts set up to respond to us! That will be discussed shortly in an upcoming article to highlight the absolute and utter degradation such defenders of Hizbees have fallen into].

What an absolute and utter humiliation. They have had to resort to allowing [by remaining silent and allowing him to attach himself to them] a secret racist to write on their behalf whilst they conveniently, quietly remain silent on his activities as if oblivious to them [!], they clearly are not oblivious since we have informed them.

In any case, it would appear they have crossed their proverbial wires. In the recent cowardly email sent from the undercover email address, (he may well have the faked library card by now too, so beware), he states that a question put forth in one of their gatherings was specifically regarding our brother Abdullah Jallow of Salaficentre and myself. The difficulty with such a claim is that Abu Bilal who was the actual questioner himself in the video [!] has REJECTED this claim of the racist secret agent! Perhaps the racist should have “seeked” to co-ordinate his activities with a little more precision to harmonise them with the “official line” of Abu Bilal the one who put forth the question!

We therefore have a situation where Abu Bilal of Masjid Sunnah himself has declared the racist undercover agent who works on their behalf [even if they claim they do not know him, he still works on their behalf in defence of them] as a LIAR! Truly it is amazing the levels of disgrace and degradation defenders of Hizbees and innovators fall into…is it really such a burden to cling onto Salafiyyah?!

Abu Bilal informed me personally in an unplanned meeting in Bolton that the question the racist is now referring to, WAS NOT SPECIFIC TO ANYONE, RATHER IT WAS GENERAL! This meeting was documented in an article “Catastrophe of Logic: Concealed Identities Marooned” , the exact excerpt from that article, “He also clarified through his speech that this miskeen of limited intellectual means has actually lied in his emails in certain places; for example the claim that our brother Abdullah was being referred to in a question concerning “certain people posting articles on the web and causing discord”. Abu Bilal declared this to be completely incorrect and false and clarified that it was simply a general question put forward that he innocently read out not intending any one particular individual. Allaahu Akbar, certainly that will be a blow to the already depleted intellectual facilities of the miskeen cowardly individual known as “dawa man”….even his own “people” are abandoning him in terms of clarifying to us that he lied in his attempt to associate questions and answers to specific individuals and that they do not endorse his views!” See screenshot, indeed it was Abu Bilal as the questioner:


An interesting point to note, initially the racist was “all guns blazing” that the question was about our noble brother Abdullah from Gambia [the brother who this disgusting racist racially abused in his emails], now all of a sudden – miraculously, roughly two years later after the question was asked, he decides that actually I, Abu Muadh Taqweem, was actually also – by the way – intended in that question! Perhaps next week when he develops a problem and hatred toward someone else he will send another email stating, “such and such was intended too in the question”, [!] until eventually if the family donkey ever crossed him, we will receive an email informing us that the donkey was intended too in the question [!].

No wonder the great scholars would say such and such is “more misguided than his family donkey”…that would be the least that can be said of the racist defender of Naveed Ayaaz and hizbees.

Therefore, in brief and simplistic language so that the racist may understand, his OWN people have declared him a LIAR!

Hence, as it is said, with that being the case, there really is not much more to be said upon his latest claim[!]