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Sh. Mohammad bin Haady حفظه الله تعالى: Refutations are a Part of Seeking Knowledge!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

It is an extremely sad state of affairs when those who ascribe themselves to knowledge present to the people deceptively chosen generalised statements of the scholars to establish their wayward methodologies; one such deception is the claim that refutations should not be given attention and a person should busy himself with knowledge.

Shaikh Mohammad bin Haady clarifies that refutations are indeed an aspect of seeking knowledge, otherwise how is it expected of an individual to seek knowledge if he is unaware of where to seek it from?! What meaning would the statement of Ibn Seereen hold with regards to seeking knowledge if refutations were not to be given any attention? “Indeed this knowledge is religion, so look to whom you take your religion from.”

Those who follow their desires will present generalised statements of the scholars stating that a person should not busy himself with refutations etc and should instead focus upon knowledge, attempting to utilise such statements to virtually nullify the science of jarh wa ta’deel, such that it becomes a criminal activity and “extremism” (Ghulluw) with them to ask about the state of an individual (and likely more so if the question is related to the likes of Al-Halaby, Al-Ma’riby and others that they wish to defend and would rather remain silent upon, highly conveniently).

In reality such statements of the scholars do not “criminalise” spreading refutations, or asking about individuals in order to protect yourself and be aware of whom to take knowledge from, as Shaikh Mohammad bin Haady explains in the following video.