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7-Day Notification to Muhammad Al Maliki: Bring Proof or Repent!


The following PDF is a 7-DAY NOTIFICATION TO MUHAMMAD AL-MALIKI. We ask you to bring Forth Your Proofs or Retract Your Slander of SalafiCentre

Taken from our open letter and notification to a Brother called Muhammad Maliki, who has made false claims against the masjid.

A notification to brother Muhammad al-Māliki,

It has come to our attention that you have made a false accusation regarding our Centre and Masjid, such that you have stated regarding it, “they call it FALSELY SalafiCentre.”

Based upon this aggressive speech of yours we would request the following details if you are one who speaks with detailed unambiguous proofs:

Click here for the full PDF: A Notification to Brother Maliki