Who do we listen to- A’Allaamah Ahmad An-Najmi (rahimahullaah) or Blind Muhammad Al-Maliki, Who Gives Recommendations to Goldie?

Muhammad Al-Maliki was asked about Abu Usama (Goldie) at Masjid As-Sunnah, so he advised the audience to take knowledge from Abu Usamah (Goldie)- a man well known for his deviations and defence of innovators. Muhammad Al-Maliki gives recommendations to this man of bidah even after knowing the verdict given by Shaikh Ahmad An-Najmi (rahimahllaah) against him.

Question: “O Shaykh Ahmad we have with us in America a man called Abu Usaamah who is considered to be from the Du’aat, he aids and supports Abul-Hasan and he calls some noble Salafi brothers ghulaat (extremists), muqallidah (blind followers),and muhqiboon (the people whose religion is the religion of the one they blindly follow), so what is the legislated position from this man and how should we deal with him?

The noble Scholar (rahimahullaah) answered

موقفكم منه كموقفكم من أهل البدعة , أعرض عنه و اتركه

“Your position with him is the same as your position with the People of Innovation. Turn away from him and abandon him.