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Story Telling -An Evil Affair That Grips Many during Times of Fitan, So Beware!

Ibn Umar (radiyallaahu-anhumaa) said:

There was neither story telling in the time of the Messenger (sallal-laahu-alayhi-wasallam) nor in the time of Abu Bakr (radiyallaahu-anhu), neither in the time of Umar (radiyallaahu-anhu) nor in the time of Uthmaan (radiyallaahu-anhu); rather story telling started in the time of Fitan.” (i.e. during the times of trials and tribulations).



صحيح موارد الظمآن إلى زوائد ابن حبان

By Imaam Albaani (rahimahullaah) Vol 1: Chapter 19, page 134