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Witholding On The Position of Innovators – Shaykh Rabee’


QUESTION: Concerning a man who says he is withholding on the issue of Abul Fitan alMaribee while he has actually read the refutations of the scholars, is he to be warnedagainst and boycotted?

Sheikh Rabee bin Haadee al-Madkhalee Answered:

Give them some respite. Give them some respite till some other days. If they stood by the truth, aided it, and (word unclear) the falsehood and belittle it, then they are your brothers. And if they continue to argue, wallow (in falsehood), then we never doubt, or hesitate in (holding) that they are Ashaab ul-Ahwaa (people of desires). Hence forth, they are to be boycotted and there is no liberty. However, I ask Allaah that He does not prolong their affair until they show arrogance and stubbornness, and being occupied in falsehood.

Returning to the truth is better than wallowing in falsehood and a believer is one who always returns to Allaah. And a believer is one, who constantly repents, and Allaah rejoices with the repentance of His servant, and Allaah loves those who constantly repent and those who purify themselves.

So if he has stood by Abul hassan until this date, there is no doubt that he is upon falsehood, and if comes and brings these tricks and plots, then he is given respite, for a week or two, so he either repents[…section cut] and goes with the Scholars of the Salaf and the Scholars of the Salafi Manhaj, in the truth [that they are upon] and in aid of the truth for which they stood for, then he is from us and is our brother. And the one who refused except but to follow the devil then he is to be boycotted.

This telephone linkup took place when some brothers asked sheikh Rabee to give naseehah to the common people at Masjid As-Sunnah (Cheethamhill Manchester -whose committee members and founders were bent upon following Maribee). This is also the masjid that Jamiat Ahle Hadith in Manchester regards one of the Salafi Masjids.

So this Maribee/Jamiat Ahle Hadith Alliance of Tamyi is also present in Manchester. Abu Usaama and some foreign visitors known to be defenders of Jamiat Ahle Hadith in Birmingham have also visited this Masjid.

After the sheikh’s lecture, they persisted upon the manhaj of Maribee and are upon that to this day. We ask Allaah to protect us from their evil.

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