Ya’qoob Ibn Sufyaan (rahimahullaah) said

“I heard a person saying to Ahmad Bin Yoonus (rahimahullaah): “Is Abdullaah Al-Umariy a weak narrator of hadeeth?”

He (Ahmad) said “Indeed, he is weak. He is a Raafidi who harbors hatred towards his forefathers; and had you seen his beard, his graceful and fine physical (appearance), you would have conceded that he is trustworthy.””

Al-Haafidh Al-Khateeb al Baghdaadee (rahimahullaah) said: “So Ahmad Ibn Yoonus used this as a proof that Abdullaah Al-Umari (appeared) trustworthy through that which was not a proof; because fine physical appearance is something shared between a trustworthy person and a disparaged person.”

Shaikhul Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah (rahimahullaah) stated in Ar-Radd Alal-Bakri “These ones (i.e. Bakri and others like him) have a religious and righteous appearance, but they are not from the people of knowledge; those who (possess) knowledge of the rulings of the religion and whose statements are accepted regarding the prescribed duties in Islaam and knowledge (regarding) what is lawful and unlawful. They (i.e. Bakri and those like him) neither have any legislated proofs with them nor a transmitted (text) from an approved scholar…”

[Source: Quoted by Shaikh Abdullaah Bukhaari in At-Taliqaat Ar-Radiyyah Alal Mandhoomah Al-Bayqooniyyah: Lecture number 1]

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