Thorns that do but Perforate – the 3rd perforation

A beautiful advice directed at the students from the noble Shaikh bin Baz رحمه الله in an article entitled “The Responsibility of the Student of Knowledge within Society”:

ثم طالب العلم بعد ذلك حريص جدا أن لا يكتم شيئا مما علم ، حريص على بيان الحق والرد على الخصوم لدين الإسلام ، لا يتساهل…..

وهو أيضا لا يكتم ما عنده من العلم ، بل يكتب ويخطب ، ويتكلم ويرد على أهل البدع

Then the student of knowledge after that is very keen to not conceal anything from that which he knows, he is keen upon clarification of the truth and refutation of the opposers to the religion of Islaam, he does not become slack in that….

…and neither does he conceal that which he has from knowledge, rather he writes and delivers sermons, and he speaks and refutes the people of innovation…..

[Excerpts from a beautiful article by Shaikh bin Baz available on his official website]

So consider – all you whom are wavering in the fitnah of – consider the speech and advice of the Shaikh and then consider the methodology of a certain associate of, who instead of clarifying to the people the truth actually advises them to sit with Abu Osama and Osama Qoosy and al-Maghrawy and their likes via attending the gatherings at Luton etc…..all of whom the scholars have spoken and warned against.

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