Thorns that do but Perforate – the 5th perforation

Our noble scholars Shaikh bin Baz, Shaikh ibn al-Uthaymeen, Shaikh Saleh al-Fawzaan and Shaikh Zaid al-Madkhaly all respond to the deviated principle “We correct, not disparage”.

The deviated Ali Hasan al-Halaby was asked, “What is your opinion concerning the opposers to the methodology of ahlus-Sunnah like (Abu Ishaaq) al-Huwaynee and al-Maghrawy and al-Ma’riby and ‘Ar ‘oor?”

He replied, “I say: Indeed these individuals, I know them since many years, and I have read what they have written and said. I know that they have mistakes, and some of these mistakes may not be little….[later he continues]…however I fear Allah in pronouncing them innovators or taking them out of the fold of ahlus-Sunnah….[then also mentions]….and even if they are mistaken, and even if I condemn them for the mistakes and warn from their mistakes, however I fear Allah…..”

Consider therefore the stance of those individuals who claim they will not accept refutations upon individuals and consider them innovators out of “piety” and “fear”….

The Responses to it, the principle of correcting but not criticising/refuting:

1 – Shaikh bin Baz: “Indeed the criticism and disparagement from the people of knowledge upon whom it is obligatory to criticise is from the advice to the Muslim nation, and warning from his innovation or deviance is an incumbent affair just as the scholars of Islam have done previously and currently”

2 – Shaikh ibn al-Uthaymeen: “This is wrong, rather we disparage the one who opposes the truth”

3 – Shaikh Saleh al-Fawzaan: “This principle has no basis, I say this principle has no basis, the people of innovation their disparagement is a must”

The Shaikh was also asked concerning the principle of condemning a deviant’s mistakes but not criticising/refuting? He replied, “This is just like [we correct and not disparage] ! Its the same.”

4 – Shaikh Zaid al-Madkhaly: “This principle is not from the principles of the scholars (whom nurture correctly upon the methodology of ahlus-Sunnah) then ones who are followed in their knowledge but rather the principles of the scholars who are well-informed of the pure legislation of Allah previously and currently are that correction is made for that which requires correction, and appraisal for the one who is deserving of appraisal, and disparagement for the one who is deserving of disparagement…..and this principle [we correct but not disparage] within it is deception upon those whos share of islamic knowledge and its means is limited…..and this is from fallacy and the one who states this is either ignorant so it is upon him to seek knowledge truthfully or either he is deceptive and a misguider of the people…..”

[Reference for all above statements “Siyaanatus Salafi” p195 – 205]

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