Thorns that do but Perforate – the 8th perforation

It is with great regret that an issue of this nature must be clarified years after it was buried, however the desires of the people are not buried with ease….

Our noble Shaikh Rabee’ bin Haady was asked the following concerning the fitnah of al-Ma’riby:

Some of the youth have refrained from taking a position in (the issue) of Abul Hasan and some of them follow those students who defend him.

The Shaykh responded:

“Those who refrain from taking a stance then they are a different kind, so clarify for them the issue of Abul Hasan and if they refuse by defending him, refraining (from taking a stance), pretending to be ignorant and blind then they are from the followers of Abul Hasan, warn against them.

Either they return to Allaah if they have refrained from taking a stance. And the scholars have come out openly with the truth concerning him so why don’t they accept the sayings of the Scholars and their Fataawa if they are truly Salafis.

Were the salaf like this at any period of time in their history. (!?)

They would raise their aqeedah by clarifying the situation of someone from ahlul-bid’ah and label him an innovator, and then you would find the people uncertain and hesitant (to accept their sayings).

This is something not found in the Manhaj of the salaf and neither in the history of salafiyyah. When more than twenty Scholars speak in this issue and then they reject their speech and he says (he) refrains from taking a stance this shows Hawa (desires).

Either they return to the truth and accept the speech of the scholars or their fataawa or they are grouped with their Awliya and warned against.”

The statement was specifically regarding Abul-Hasan al-Ma’riby however no doubt it applies to innovators in general, as stated by the Shaikh, “They would raise their aqeedah by clarifying the situation of someone from ahlul-bid’ah and label him an innovator”.

Perhaps the statement of some of our other noble scholars in this affair will be referenced by some, however do their statements refer to an individual who was a blatant defender of al-Ma’riby, had knowledge of the affair to an extent he was able to discuss and debate and divulge himself in the issue for hours at a time; providing counter-arguments, narrating events and other specifics to “refute” the refutations upon al-Ma’riby?

An individual who claimed al-Ma’riby had repented from his errors and could therefore no longer be labelled an innovator? Perhaps such individuals should clarify their contradictions; at one stage claiming this innovator has repented and at another stage claiming he does have mistakes but not enough to make im an innovator?

Stage 1: al-Ma’riby is not an innovator, complete defence.

Stage 2: Feign a lack of knowledge on the issue and therefore take no stance.

Stage 3: Accept al-Ma’riby has mistakes, but not enough to say he is an innovator.

Such deception and nonsense is not acceptable, we have not learnt this from the methodology of the salaf neither have we witnessed this from our noble scholars.

It is from the blessings of Allah that sincere salafi’s all over the world have not had any such need to alternate between such stages as a chameleon changes its colours, the refutations of the scholars were clear in clarifying the blatant errors of this innovator with proofs and so they were accepted…as is the case with any other innovator.

Perhaps if some of the members accepted the refutations or tabdee’ of these individuals the like of al-Ma’riby,al-Halaby,al-Maghrawy,al-Huwainy,al-Qoosy etc it may create certain problems in finding chairs and audiences to deliver lessons in the masaajid of the likes of ahlul-hadith, al-furqaan, U.K.I.M etc…?

“Have the desires reached such a level….”


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