In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful The Bestower of Mercy

An Important Affair Concerning the Repentance of a Deviant Which Many People Are Made To Forget

Many people are heedless of this affair, that is regarding a person who has corrupt principles he follows and a number of various mistakes arises from such principles; so we find such person recanting from some of those mistakes, and then there are those who embark upon announcing the repentance of this deviated person due to his repentance from some of his mistakes, whilst (they) are either forgetful or made to be heedless of the corrupt principles which (this deviated person) have not yet repented from. And due to this, we find that many amongst those who repent are either quickly returned to their mistakes which they recanted from, or to more severe mistakes emanating from those corrupt principles. Therefore, the most important thing sought from a person who seeks to repent, is that he should repent from the corrupt principles he follows and from the mistakes that arose from such corrupt principles.

Source: Muhammad Hassaan Wat-Tawbatun Nusooh; page:13-14


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