Part 3: Defenders of Abul Hasan Al-Maribi (The Innovator)[Masjid As-Sunnah-Cheethamhill-Manchester]

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful The Bestower of Mercy

Imaam Muqbil Bin Haadee Al-Waadi’ee (rahimahullaah) said:

I advise the brothers to be distant from every innovator even if you remain on your own. Beware! Beware of ruining your call due to such and such (person)….. He (rahimahullaah) also said:  Confronting Ahlul Bidah in these times is from the greatest affairs of seeking closeness to Allaah. [Source: ‘Al-Bashaa-ir Fis-Samaa-i Al-Mubaashir’: Compiler: Abdullah Ibn Ayyaash with the introduction of Shaikh Muhammad Bin Abdul-Wahhaab Al-Wassaabee]

The Founders of Masjid As-Sunnah [Abu Abdillaah (Akram-Sharghawi)], Abu Umaamah Al-Libi, Abu Fadl Al-Libi, Abu Shuhaih al-Libi and Associates Withholding On Taking A Position Against The Innovator Abul Hasan Al-Maribi; Defending And Praising Him For Nine Years, And Seeking To Mix Truth With falsehood By Holding Onto Some Aspects of The Sunnah, Whilst Allying With This Innovator

Sheikh Zaid Bin Haadee al Madkhalee (Hafidha-hullaah) stated:

And the one who speaks with the idea of affinity between innovation and following the prophet (sallal-laahu-alayhi-wasallam, then (indeed) his idea is rejected and Allaah’s refuge is sought. The Sunnah is esteemed and be steadfast upon it. Indeed, I am amazed by men who are heedless of the methodology of the pious predecessors and what a perfect model to follow in (their) boycotting the sinner and the innovator, and having love for the Sunni who turns to adherence to the Sunnah and shows an aversion towards the one who innovates in the Sharee-ah of the Prophet (sallal-laahu-alayhi-wasallam).

And it has occurred just as they (i.e.those who innovate) desire; rather they say with determination: ‘’we are all brothers and are bounded together by Islaam and Eemaan. Do not write refutation against the people of innovation because that is evil and will cause trouble within your ranks. And do not say: oh people! This one is a Tableeghee and that one is an Ikhwaanee, and this one is a Sunni who loves the pious predecessors and that one is an innovator who aids the late comers.’’

This is how the affairs are changed and truth becomes unknown. This is dangerous. Then why don’t you call the innovator and the deceived one to abandon evil, and guide the miskeen through good speech so that he abandons evil and revive the sunnah. [Source: Al Mandhoomaatul Hisaan Fil Aqaa-id Wal Manaahij]



Concerning a man who says he is withholding on the issue of Abul Fitan alMaribee while he has actually read the refutations of the scholars, is he to be warnedagainst and boycotted?

Sheikh Rabee bin Haadee al-Madkhalee Answered:

Give them some respite. Give them some respite till some other days. If they stood by the truth, aided it, and (word unclear) the falsehood and belittle it, then they are your brothers. And if they continue to argue, wallow (in falsehood), then we never doubt, or hesitate in (holding) that they are Ashaab ul-Ahwaa (people of desires). Hence forth, they are to be boycotted and there is no liberty. However, I ask Allaah that He does not prolong their affair until they show arrogance and stubbornness, and being occupied in falsehood.

Returning to the truth is better than wallowing in falsehood and a believer is one who always returns to Allaah. And a believer is one, who constantly repents, and Allaah rejoices with the repentance of His servant, and Allaah loves those who constantly repent and those who purify themselves.

So if he has stood by Abul hassan until this date, there is no doubt that he is upon falsehood, and if comes and brings these tricks and plots, then he is given respite, for a week or two, so he either repents[…section cut] and goes with the Scholars of the Salaf and the Scholars of the Salafi Manhaj, in the truth [that they are upon] and in aid of the truth for which they stood for, then he is from us and is our brother. And the one who refused except but to follow the devil then he is to be boycotted.

The Danger of Deluding People By Praising The People of Innovation

Abul Waleed Al-Baajee said in his book ‘’Ikhtisaar Firaq ul Fuqahaa’’, whilst taking about the judge Abu Bakr Al-Baaqilaani: ‘’Once when I asked Abu Dharr Al-Harawee, who inclined towards the Ash’aree beliefs, ‘Where did you adopt these beliefs from’, he informed me: ‘I was once walking with abul Hasan Ad-Daaraqutnee when we came upon the judge, Abu Bakr Ibn At-Teeb-the Ash’aree. So Ad-Daaraqutnee embraced him and kissed him on the face and eyes. So when we separated from him, I asked him: ‘Who is this person for whom you did that which I didn’t believe you would do, since you are the Imaam of our time?’ He replied: ‘He is the Imaam of the Muslims and the defender of the Religion: The judge, abu Bakr Ibn at-Teeb.’ So from that point on, I always went to see him and ended up following his (Ash’aree) beliefs’’ [Tadhkirat-ul-Huffaadh (3/1104-1105) and Siyar A’alaam An-Nubulaa (17/558-559)

I say: So you see from this story that when Ad-Daaraqutnee did what he did with the Ash’aree Al-Baaqilaani, praising him, and calling him the ‘Imaam of the Muslims’’ and so on, those who saw him were deluded by it and adopted the Ash’aree beliefs because of that. This is the same case with everyone that praises the people of innovations and desires, for he will cause great amounts of people to enter into their beliefs, especially if he is regarded as one of the righteous and pious individuals, and Allaah knows best. [SOURCE: [BENEFICIAL ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS ON INNOVATED METHODOLOGIES] [AUTHOR: SHEIKH SAALEH AL FAWZAAN (MAY ALLAAH PRESERVE HIM)] [The above text was quoted from the English translation published by AL-IBAANAH BOOK PUBLISING. Page: 59]


And Allaah knows best

Abu Mu-aawiyyah (Abdullaah Al-Gambi)



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