Part 2: Abridged: Ali Halabi’s Long Journey

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After the death of Imaam Abdul Azeez bin Baaz, the leadership of the committee of major scholars was passed onto Al-Allaamah Abdul Azeez Aala Shaikh (may Allaah preserve him). At the same time, the war between Muhammad Abu Raheem and Ali Halabi did not cease to continue. Some people embarked upon making objections on Ali Halabi’s footnotes on two main books of his, in which he quoted the statements of the scholars on the issue of Eemaan and Kufr. These books are: التَّحْذِير مِنْ فِتْنَةِ التَّكْفِير and صيحة نذير بخطر التكفير

 When the first print of Halabi’s book: [At-Tahdheer Min Fitnah At-Takfeer] reached the Committee of major scholars under the leadership of Shaikh Abdul Azeez Aala Shaikh (may Allaah preserve him), the committee passed the verdict that Ali Halabi’s two books are neither to be printed nor disseminated due to what was contained in them of falsehood and distortion. The book [At-Tahdheer Min Fitnah At-takfeer] contained quotes from the scholars, but such quotes were severed by Halabi. This was the beginning of Halabi’s differing with the committee of major scholars, and the Qutbies fomented a great fitnah for him, which he has not managed to escape from to this day. The committee of Major scholars were right in their criticisms of those statements quoted by Halabi.

And had Halabi acknowledged and clarified that he has recanted from such mistakes, it would have saved the salafis a great fitnah; but he neither manifested his recantation nor made clear that the committee of major scholars were correct in their corrections of the first print of his book.  Rather, he replied to the committee saying that he did not restrict kufr (disbelief) to Juhood (Wilful Denial), whilst making a reference to the second print of his book, when the fact is that the differing was about the first print.

The author (of this PDF, which was revised and checked by Shaikh Rabee) said that at the time they all knew what Halabi had done and they disapproved of it. This action of Halabi demonstrates a lack of submitting to the truth, acknowledgment of it and trustworthiness in transmitting knowledge. However, they still had a good suspicion of him, because what he wrote after that invalidated the shubhah of the Takfeeris, which also showed that he recanted and that the affairs which were not clear to him have now become clear.



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