Part 2: Abridged: Ali Halabi’s Long Journey

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Evidence Showing That The Committee of Major Scholars were right in censuring Ali Halabi’s Book

On page 7 in his Book [At-tahdheer Min Fitnah At-takfeer], Ali Halabi quoted Ibn Hazm’s definition of disbelief from [Al-Ihkaam Fee Usool Al-Ahkaam: 1/49]; Halabi transmitted a quote and severed it, which restricted kufr to Juhood (Wilful Denial). Halabi quotes: ‘’Kufr (Disbelief) is a description of the wilful denial of something that Allaah has obligated to be believed in, after the evidences have been established against (a person-i.e. the denier) and the truth has reached him.’’ Halabi stopped at this, whereas the full statement of Ibn Hazm continued as follows: [(denial) with his heart without his tongue, or with his tongue without his heart or with both his heart and tongue, or he carries out an action for which there is a transmitted text showing that he has exited the fold of Islaam by way of that.’

The author of this PDF also gave another example in which Halabi severed a quote he transmitted from Imaam as-Saa’di’s Book titled: [Al-Irshaad Ilaa Ma’rifatul Ahkaam], which gave the meaning of kufr as something limited to Juhood. This quote severed by Halabi is quoted on page 11 in the first print of his book. [For a further discussion on the erroneous view of  limiting Kufr to Juhood: see the following link: []


So between page 11-15 in this PDF, the author showed that Ali Halabi was upon steadfastness during the time of Imaam Al-Albaanee, but after the death of Shaikh Al-Albaanee (rahimahullaah), Halabi entered into delicate issues and made grave errors. He was corrected by the Lajnah after Mourad Shukri’s Book was criticised and he made manifest his recantation; however when the lajnah corrected him the second time, he did not manifest his recantation, rather he produced a second printing of the criticised book and denied that he ever made such errors, when in reality his errors were in the first print and not in the second.  The Committee of Major scholars criticised the first print and they were right in their criticisms. The author of this PDF pointed out that such an action on Halabi’s part was disapproved of, because it showed his lack of submission to the truth and acknowledgement of it. This discussion shows that Halabi severed the statements of the scholars, and his mistakes were not as a result of what he learnt from Imaam Al-Albaanee (rahimahullaah), rather Shaikh Al-Baanee always established the sound principles of ahlus Sunnah and explain the subject matter in detail whenever it reached him that someone was accusing him of Irjaa. The scholars have clarified the statements of Imaam Al Albaanee in the issues of Imaan and Kufr and freed him from Irjaa. [See following links: The scholars free Al-Albaanee from Irjaa] []


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