Part 3: Ali Halabi’s Long Journey

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Shaikh Uthaymeen was asked about his opinion on Adnaan Ar’oor, so he said: ‘’People have spoken about him. I do not know him, but some people have spoken about him.’’ So the questioner told him that Shaikh Fawzaan, Shaikh Al-Ghudayaan and Shaikh al-Abbaad and other than them have spoken about him, and whether he (shaikh uthaymeen) advices him to benefit from Adnaan or not; so Shaikh Uthaymeen said: ‘’We regard those three scholars (i.e. Sh. Fawzaan, Shaikh Ghudayaan and Shaikh Al-Abbaad) trustworthy.’’ Then the questioner asked again whether he advises that the audio tapes of Adnaan can be listened to, Shaikh Uthaymeen said: ‘’had those three scholars advised me, I would have accepted their advice.’’

Therefore, Shaikh Rabee is not alone in refuting Adnaan Ar’oor, rather the major scholars are in agreement and they advised that one should not listen to his audio tapes and that his gatherings are not to be attended. Shaikh Abdul Muhsin Al-Abbaad was asked about the (false) principle of Adnaan Ar’oor: ‘’we rectify mistakes but we do not disparage.’’ The Shaikh enquired saying: ‘’whose speech is this;’’ so he was told: ‘’it is the speech of one called Adnaan Ar’oor.’’ The Shaikh said: ‘’I advise that you do not pre-occupy yourselves with his speech nor with his principles, and do not incline towards what he has with him, because it is confusion.’’ Then the Shaikh was asked whether Adnaan’s lessons can be attended, so he said: ‘’Wallaahi, it is not permissible/befitting to attend his lessons.’’ The author of this PDF (which was read and revised by Shaikh Rabee) said: Therefore, Adnaan Ar’oor was not included in Shaikh Abdul Muhsin’s book Rifqan Bi-Ahlis Sunnah.

At first, Ali Halabi used to be in agreement with Shaikh Rabee’s refutations against the (false) principles of Adnaan Ar’oor, and when asked about Adnaan, he said: We do not have anything new after what was mentioned and spoken of by our teacher Shaikh Rabee’’… up until Halabi said: ‘’So we are with the truth, with the people of the truth and with everything that is in agreement with the truth [source: Author’s source: A recoding titled: Rihla Bilaad Al-Haramayn, dated:13/12/2001]

The scholars mentioned earlier (i.e. Shaikh Al-Albaanee, Shaikh Uthaymeen, shaikh Fawzaan, Shaikh Abdul Muhsin Al-Abbaad, Shaikh Ghudayaan) supported the refutations of Shaikh Rabee against Adnaan Ar’oor and Ali Halabi also supported it. However, after that he started aiding him, defending and finding excuses for him. He spoke against those who clarified (Adnaan’s) deviations and warned against his affairs of misguidance. [For further details on the deviations of Adnaan Ar’oor see link:



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