Part 3: Ali Halabi’s Long Journey

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Muhammad Al-Maghraawi (The Takfeeri)

Muhammad Al-Maghraawi was also one of those who was deviated by Adnaan Ar’oor. He entered into the Fitnah of Adnaan to advise him, but he was neither firm nor qualified in the likes of those affairs, so Adnaan led him astray. He started defending Adnaan and then his errors became evident; especially his declaring the Muslims who commit major sins to be disbelievers. So the scholars refuted Maghraawi. See links:

And when Ali Halabi was asked about Muhammad Al-Maghraawi at first, he said: These mistakes are clear mistakes in opposition to the Salafi Manhaj, and it is incumbent upon Shaikh Maghraawi to recant from them with a clear illustration. And I do not think that he has a predecessor in this or a knowledge based (foundation). The affair is returned to the scholars and they are present Wal-hamdulil-laah. As for the affairs in which he is mistaken, and shaikh Rabee and others amongst the Mashaayikh have clarified, then it is not permissible to give excuses, rather it is incumbent to recant from them with absolute clarity.

 However, Ali Halabi became an aider of Maghraawi and defended him after that.  We ask Allaah for firmness upon the truth and we seek His Protection from unsteadiness in the religion.

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