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Part 4: Ali Halabi’s Long Journey (may Allaah guide him)

Al-Maribi’s Early Attempt to Lure Ali Halabi and the Salafis of Britain into Repugnant Hizbiyyah.

NB: This was before Al-Maribi clearly manifested his innovations and embarked upon a campaign of lies against Shaikh Rabee and those scholars who were well aware of his deceitful methods, such as Shaikh Ahmad Bin Yahyah An-Najmi, Shaikh Zaid and others.

In Britain, Al-Maribi attempted to compel the brothers to make Ali Halabi and Shaikh Saleem Al-Hilaali the reference point in all their disputes. So when Al-Allaamah Ubaid Bin Abdillaah al-Jaabiree (hafidha-hullaah) received a copy Al-Maribi’s judgments, he commented as follows:

”Indeed, I came across a copy of the judgement of Abul Hasan Al-Maribi, which he issued in the affairs of salafiyyah amongst you. And after scrutinizing that judgment of the author (written) in seventeen paragraphs, I found that he conceals in his letter the call to a type of illegal partisanship disguised in the garment of salafiyyah, and Salafiyyah is free from it. And on the basis of his clear advice is making it binding on the Salafis of Britain to (refer) to two shaikhs Saleem Al-Hilaali and Ali Halabi in 14 places, whose summary is that: The Shaikhs are only the two to be referred to in the affairs of salafiyyah (in Britain), and that the rest of the people of knowledge do not have any position in your affairs or that they are to follow the two Shaikhs. This is extreme injustice, illegal partisanship and an establishment of splitting whose match is not to be found regarding what we know in the history of Salafiyyah. And for this reason, I see that this policy of (Abul Hasan al-Maribi) is invalid and it is not permissible to act upon it. And obligatory upon you is that you return to the people of knowledge at times of differing, be it (a return) to Ali Halabi and Saleem Al-Hilaali or other than them amongst the people of knowledge…..


The reader will notice that Al-Maribi took the same route as Ali Halabi in seeking to obtain a licence from the committee of major scholars in order to spread their acts of misguidance. Ali Halabi was refuted by the committee of Major scholars for severing the statements of the scholars and promoted the school of thought of the murji’a in the issues of Imaan and disbelief. And to this day, the committee of Major Scholars have not recanted from their verdicts against Ali Halabi.

On the other hand, Al-Maribi also attempted to obtain licence from the Major scholars in order to spread his innovations, however he failed. He utilised deceit and printed his deviations without stating the observations on them by Al-Allaamah Abdul Azeez Aala Shaikh. He also deceived the readers by stating that his book was approved by a group of major scholars, when it is the case none of them gave a final and complete approval for the printing of his book in which he defends the innovators of Ikhwaan al-Muslimeen. Therefore, it was Al-Maribi who initiated the Fitnah by praising the innovators and seeking to tarnish the correct stances of Al-Allaamah Rabee Bin Haadee, whilst falsely accusing him.  As for Ali Halabi’s postion towards Al-Maribi, he used to manifest his acknowledgement of the correct positions alongside Al-Allaamah Rabee Bin Haadee, but he was also in agreement with Al-Maribi. This later led him astray and he defended Maribi.

On the other hand, It is amazing that many of the followers of Ali Halabi, Maghraawi and Al-Maribi would accuse the Salafis of illegal partisanship, yet look at the hizbiyyah Al-Maribi attempted to establish in Britain with the knowledge of Ali Halabi. Do we find the Salafis making it binding upon the people to refer to a specific number of salafi scholars; rather the Salafis refer to all the salafi scholars and take from them with proofs.


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