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The Signs of an Accepted Repentance and Accepted Deeds | Imaam Ibn Baaz

Translated by Abu Mu-aawiyyah (Abdullaah Al-Gambi)

The questioner says:
I request an answer for two questions from the eminent Shaikh; what are the signs of Allaah’s (Azza-Wa-Jal) acceptance of a believer’s repentance and His acceptance of his (i.e. the believer’s) deeds of prayer and fasting?

Shaykh Abdul Azeez bin Baaz:
From the signs of Allaah’s Acceptance of the slave’s repentance and deeds; is his (i.e. the slave’s) steadfastness upon the truth, guidance and following the upright methodology. These are signs (showing) that Allaah has granted him (success) and accepted his (deeds).

When he repents to Allaah, turns to Him with a strong attachment and submission, and steadfast upon the truth, then this is from the signs of (Allaah’s bestowal of success to the person) and that He has accepted his repentance. And his (i.e. the slave) deviation and lack of steadfastness is evidence (showing that) his repentance was not truthful or that Allaah did not accept it from him.

So what is intended is that the steadfastness of the slave after repentance and his following the upright methodology—so if he did not use to pray, (but now he) is constant in his prayer; and if he did not fast, (but now he) is constant in his fasting; and he was disobedient to his parents, (but now he) is constant in obedience to his parents–, then this is a sign of goodness. Similarly, if a person continues upon goodness after Ramadaan, then this is a sign that Allaah has accepted his fasting; and if he deviates, then this is a sign of unsuccessfulness. We ask Allaah for wellbeing.


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