What is the Ruling On Performing the Adhaan and Iqaamah in the newborn’s ears?–Shaikh Rabee


By Allaah, it is weak (i.e. a weak hadeeth). The hadeeth about it is weak, and as long as it is weak we cannot say that it is something either recommended or obligatory, because of the fact that something being recommended is an Islamic ruling and an obligation is even a much greater (Islamic Ruling).

Yes, the Aqeeqah, giving a name (to the child), rubbing a date on the newborn’s palate, all of this is authentic in the Sunnah. As for the Adhaan, it is not established.  It was reported in a weak Hadeeth. [Source: Cassette Titled: Ar-raddu ‘ala ahlil bida’ jihaad]

Translated by: Abu Zainab (Muhammad Al-Hindee)

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