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Some of the false principles and claims of the people of tamyee

They say:

[1] There is neither disapproval of one another nor compelling one another in those affairs in which there is difference of opinion amongst the scholars.

[2]There is no compelling one to take the Jarh mufassar (a detailed explained criticism), unless it is accompanied by ijmaa and satisfaction.

[3]We rectify but we do not disparage.

[4]We do not make our differing about someone else a reason for differing amongst ourselves.

[5]They follow the allowances and mistakes of the scholars in order to reject evidences and oppose the truth.

[6]They cast doubts in the narrations of the trustworthy people and calling to (false and unnecessary) verification.

[7] They propagate the innovation of Muwaazanah whilst mentioning ahlul bidah at the time of criticism and disparagement.

[8]They categorise the Jarh and Tadeel of the scholars into information that must be accepted and rulings which are not obligatory to accept.

[9]They differentiate between Aqeedah and Manhaj when passing judgements against people.

[10]They call to illegal partisanship and politics.

[11] They praise ahlul bidah and defend them. They co-operate with them, sit with them and call the people to benefit from them and not to boycott them.

[12]They speak ill of the scholars of Ahlus Sunnah. They have hatred towards them and make the people flee from them.

[13] They falsely claim that the salaf differed in the usool of the religion and the affairs of Aqeedah.

[14]They describe some of the Sahaabah with the term ghuthaa-iyyah (Scum) and they bring false arguments to justify this position.

[15]They rush to include some of the misguided sects, parties and organizations into the arena of Ahlus Sunnah wal-Jamaa-ah, with what they term as ‘’the spacious/wide/expanded Manhaj.’’ And they apply the term Ahlus Sunnah to a number of sects.

[16] They praise and aid the treatise that calls to the unity of religions and equality between the religions. They call to democracy with the excuse that it has become a necessity and a reality.

[For further details see: Tahdheerul Qaasee Wad-daanee Min Taseelaat Ahlut-Tamyee Fee Kalaam Ash-Shaykh Abdul Maalik Ramadaanee: page:14-15]

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