Catastrophe of Logic: Sacrificial Blood

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الحمد لله و الصلاة و السلام على رسول الله و على اله و صحبه و من والى

We demonstrate our gratitude to Allah subhaanahu wa ta’ala for the blessing he has bestowed upon us in decreeing for us life to witness another blessed month of Ramadan. For indeed it is a time of goodness, and an opportunity to obtain righteous actions; a month in which Allah subhaanahu wa ta’ala bestowed upon the believers blessings in times that have come to pass, and does not cease to bestow upon them in times that are present and to come. For indeed in this blessed month Allah revealed the Qur’an as a guidance and criterion to His slaves, just as Allah honoured Islam and its people and disgraced disbelief and its followers in the Battle of Badr.

In recognition of the blessings of this month, it was from the mannerisms of the Salaf as-Saalih to strive in magnifying the benefit from the time presented to them. Hence, they would reduce their engagement in necessary worldly affairs in order that they may create for themselves abundant periods of times for sitting in the houses of Allah, and so they would gather and study together the Qur’an. Indeed they were devoted and earnest in guarding over the time Ramadan presented, by way of standing in prayer in the nights and fasting and reciting the Qur’an and supplicating to Allah during the days.

We therefore advise ourselves and noble readers to strive in this blessed month with that which will be of benefit in this life and the Hereafter, and to distance ourselves from all forms of futile speech and activity. Undoubtedly, those who have but a miniscule share from knowledge of this religion will continue to engage in pitiful and detestable activities, firstly as a further degradation to their own obtuse and deficient intellects, and secondly as a degradation to the organisations they speak on behalf of, who – for reasons bewildering and unknown, and from what is becoming apparent, deceptive – fail to declare their innocence of such dismal and deplorable individuals despite the request for a public clarification directed to them…it would appear Masjid Sunnah have encountered undue “complications” in being able to free themselves of their infatuated disgraceful defender?

In any case, refusal to free themselves of the fallen “dawaman” and failure to openly clarify that he is a pitiful miskeen who is working alone and falsification of the claim that he is in association with Masjid Sunnah, will indicate Abu Bilal was in fact attempting to deceive us with his apparent declaration of innocence in order to preserve the dignity of Masjid Sunnah. It is materialising that in reality it is an alliance between themselves at Masjid Sunnah and their racist, abusive “dawaman” with an intellectual capacity inferior to that of an average child as we demonstrated, thereupon the disgrace and humiliation of the “dawaman” they so desired to keep a “secret” and separate from themselves to maintain credibility will befall them.

How amazing is the affair of the hizbiyyeen, wandering through an intricate maze incapable of discovering the route to escape, rather at every attempt and turn they find the avenues closed before them; hence upon this despondent and disconsolate state when all hope of liberation has been relinquished, no other escape is presented to their corrupt minds other than to dishonestly and deviously cut though the hedges of the maze in an attempt to create a deceitful and fraudulent avenue to saviour, such is the deception that is witnessed. Whereas Ahlus-Sunnah, the Salafiyyoon walhamdulillah are not in need of deception nor such unscrupulous methods, since the truth is accepted and acknowledged as it is presented; the truth regarding the deviance of Abul-hasan Al-Ma’riby, the truth regarding the deviance of Ali Hasan al-Halaby, the truth regarding the deviance of Al-Maghrawy, the truth regarding the deviance of Abu Osama ad-Dhahaby; hence the route and pathway to success is as clear as the sun in the sky and no need presents itself to create deceptive alternatives.

Perhaps upon realising the reality of the evidences against the methodology they wish to tread upon, no feasible alternative to escape from the maze could be discovered other than the perverted creation of a vile, despicable, ignoble, cowardly racist “secret identity” who would cut the hedges for them; only for them to later claim that the individual who cut the hedges is not from them [!].

It is of no surprise that such disgrace and humiliation has befallen these individuals if they continue upon the defence of such humiliated cowardly “secret identities” and refuse to free themselves of them, although privately backstabbing their racist defender in an act of treachery….or perhaps a failed attempt at deception? The cowardly “secret identity” who abuses others in the most abhorrent manner in associating one of the brothers to the lineage of abdullah ibn ubayy ibn salool and george bush….we seek refuge in Allah from the tongues of such debase and despicable individuals, individuals who have reached levels of disgrace beyond description with such behaviour. The cowardly “secret identity” who racially abuses one of the brothers and then makes a feeble attempt to disguise his shame and humiliation by providing a “lol” response with another racist comment Allahu Akbar. The cowardly “secret identity” that alleges al-Markas as-Salafi are upon the incorrect methodology and yet his own revolting behaviour and tongue deem it necessary for any sane individual who wishes to protect himself and his religion to distance himself and completely disregard the corrupt speech circulated via email under the cowardly “dawaman” secret identity.

We thank Allah that the reality of the humiliated, disgraced, and in reality somewhat sorrowful racist “dawaman” has become apparent to all readers. We still await for Masjid Sunnah to clarify their relationship – is it, as Abu Bilal claimed, that they are innocent of him and he is an isolated miskeen alone with his laptop struggling to find suitable uses for his time other than to disgrace himself, or is he actually an ally? Clearly the question creates a difficult scenario for Masjid Sunnah….perhaps a greater level of thought and intellect was required before the creation of the “dawaman”?

It is for Masjid Sunnah to decide; sacrifice Abu Bilal and declare him a liar in his statement that they are free of the “dawaman” and therefore accept their share of the humiliation that has befallen this “dawaman”, or sacrifice the “dawaman” and save Abu Bilal by affirming what Abu Bilal stated in his declaration of innocence of him, and therefore declare “dawaman” null and void, rendering his emails for direction to the “junk” sections of the recipients.

SubhaanAllah, amazing are the thought processes of those incessant upon aligning themselves with and defending the innovators, whilst waging war against the salafiyyeen and belittling the detailed refutations of scholars, the likes of our noble Shaikh Rabee’, Shaikh Ahmad an-Najmy and many others…..a true catastrophe of logic.

We ask Allah to make us steadfast in this blessed month and keep us firm upon the correct methodology and to distance us from the deceit and deception witnessed by opposers to the pure methodology.

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