Shu’bah Ibnul Hajjaaj – His kindness to the poor & needy

Abu Daawood At-Tayaalisee (rahimahullaah) said:

Once we were with Shu’bah (rahimahullaah), so Sulaymaan Ibnul Mugheerah (rahimahullaah) came along whilst weeping. Shubah (rahimahullaah) said to him, ”What makes you weep O father of Saeed?” He said, ”My donkey died; I missed the Jumu’ah prayer and my needs.” He (Shubah) said: ”How much did you buy it for?” He said, ”Three Deenaars.” He (Shubah) said, ”I have three Deenaars; by Allaah I do not have other than it. O boy bring that scrap (of cloth)” and in it was three deenaars, so he gave it to him (i.e to Sulaymaan) and said, ”Buy a donkey and do not weep.” [Siyar A’laam Nubulaa: 7/211]

Muslim Bin Ibraaheem (rahimahullaah) said:

I have never entered upon Shubah (rahimahullaah) at the time of prayer (i.e. optional prayers) except that he was praying. He was the father and mother of the poor people, and I heard him saying: ”By Allaah! Had it not been for the poor people I would never sit with you.” [Tahdeeb Al-Kamaal: 12/492]


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