Ihyaa Turaath,

Jamiat Ahle Hadeeth UK (Greenlane Mosque)

and Ikhwaan Al-Muslimeen

Ihyaa Turaath and Politics

When Imaam Albaanee (rahimahullaah) was asked whether he had come across Abdur-Rahmaan Abdul Khaaliq book titled: ‘Al-Muslimoona Wal-Amalus Siyaasee’, he said:


Perhaps I have read it. I have observations on it, because from a (certain) view point we hold that political activity is premature at present. And in my belief the brothers in Kuwait have become like Ikhwaan Al-Muslimeen. They do not give importance to Dawah. They do not give importance to what is called Tasfiyah Wat-Tarbiyyah [Purification and Cultivation], their concern is politics, position, elections, parliament and what is similar to that. And it is clear that at the least some of the unlawful (affairs) will be committed due to it….. [Siyaanatus Salafi:page: 613]



Jamiat Ahle Hadeeth /Greenlane Mosque and Politics

Shaikh Ubaid Bin Abdillaah Al-Jaabiree (may Allaah preserve him) said:

“Know that I do not allow co-operation with any political or partisan jamaa’ah such as ‘Nadwatul-Mujaahideen’ of Kerala (in India), rather I warn against them, due to the fact that it is established with me that they are not upon the Sunnah. And from the political groups (al-jama’aat as-siyaasiyah) which I see should not be co-operated with or to come under their banner is the Jama’aah Ahlul-Hadith in Birmingham, Britain, whose head is ‘Abdul-Haadi al-‘Omari – and the Jam’iyyatul-Irshaad in Indonesia, the one established by Ahmad Al-Sarkati…” Saturday, 18th Rabee’ Al-Akhir, 1428 [http://www.salafitalk.net/st/viewmessages.cfm?Forum=9&Topic=6023]

Ikhwaan Al-Muslimeen (The Muslim Brotherhood) and Politics

Shaikh Saaleh Aala Shaikh (may Allaah preserve him) said:

”And also from what is apparent of them is that they deem it appropriate to gain authority…..” [Al-Fataawaa Al-Muhimmah Fee Tabseeril Ummah: page:181]


Shaikh Al-Albaanee on Joining Political Parties as a Means of Rectification in Islaam

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