And Al-Hassan (Ibn Abi Bakr An-Naysaabooree) narrates:

A scholar who feared Allaah and possessed a sound understanding of the religion used to repeat lessons in his house many times. So, an old woman in his house said to him: ”ndeed, I have memorized it myself!!” So he said: ”repeat it to me.”? So she repeated it.  After a few days he said: ”O old woman, repeat that lesson now.” She said: ”I didn’t memorize it”. He said: ”As for me, I repeat what I have memorized to protect myself from what has afflicted you.” [Source: Ibn Jawzi in his book: Al Hath-thu Alal Hifzhil Ilm [p.36] 

Translated by: Abu Zainab (Muhammad al-Hindee)

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