Catastrophe of Logic: Tears for the Fallen

The blessed month of Ramadan approaches the final 10 days and nights; a time for patience and endeavour in worship, a time for seeking forgiveness from Allah and striving to increase in obedience. It is therefore of such disgrace that a despicable, racist liar continues to humiliate himself and his organisation Masjid Sunnah further by persisting in distributing emails at such a time w’Allahul Musta’an. The term “despicable” is utilised since he – and in reality since this is Masjid Sunnah’s “top secret clandestine identity” in operation who is purposely kept completely undercover, it may well be a “she” Allahu ‘alam [!] – continues to degrade himself, even after being exposed as a mentally incapable outcast, by sending emails.

The term “racist” is utilised due to his disgusting abuse of a brother based upon the fact that Allah decreed him to be born as an African and his skin colour is dark, and originates from a background perceived as less developed than this country. The term “liar” is employed since his own ally Abu Bilal clarified no-one specifically had been intended by the question concerning certain individuals writing on the internet causing discord, yet the racist lied and claimed it was a direct refutation of a specific individual and that he was intended.

What therefore is required further than this damaging revelation? That the very allies of the racist “secret agent” declare him a liar? We would therefore advise – extracted from the advice of Abu Bilal of Masjid Sunnah himself – that this racist’s emails are blocked and redirected to “junk”, since even his own people consider him to have lied in the past in such emails; although of course in line with the catastrophic logic that they are upon, they continue to conceal him and allow his activities to continue….even though apparently they do not endorse him – that remains the official declaration in an attempt to preserve their own honour [!].

Of course it is not expected – although hoped – that this racist “secret agent” of Masjid Sunnah will cease in his activities, that would require a level of shame and humility far greater than within his capabilities; clearly it appears to be a task outside the boundaries and limits of his disgusting and disgraceful depleted racist mind. Indeed it was the racist who himself declared in one of his emails sent in the line of duty as a “top secret clandestine agent working for Masjid Sunnah” some 2 weeks ago claiming he would return after Ramadan, not during it. However, he is incapable of even restricting himself to his own speech let alone the advice of others. [Although a “return” after Ramadan would have required a miraculous “return from the dead” after having now been exposed for the pitiful racist he is, since it is inconceivable for his speech to be accepted by any sane individual after recognising his reality, as well as the disgraceful defence of Masjid Sunnah in failing to declare their innocence of him…perhaps the decision to sacrifice Abu Bilal for the “greater good” has been taken by the Masjid Sunnah elite? [Refer to “Sacrificial Blood” for contextualisation of this affair].

Since it appears the recent lecture on the tafsir of surat ul-Hujuraat delivered by the so called “graduate”, who incidentally along with his superior Abu Usamah, declares al-Ma’riby not to be an innovator, has had no meaningful influence upon the “secret agent”. If it did, a closure to his activities would have been anticipated; yet unfortunately no such closure is forthcoming and therefore we remind the disgraced lying racist of an affair or two of this religion, or rather we will educate him for the first time, since it is extremely unlikely this “email stalker” already has prior knowledge of many affairs of the religion.

Shaikh Salih al-Fawzan hafidhahullahu ta’ala stated in his explanation of the hadith; إذا لم تستحي فاصنع ما شئت “If you have no shame then do as you please”;

“If shame is lost it is a major calamity, since the man who does not have shame does not abstain from lying, and he does not abstain from evil affairs, and degrading and dishonourable acts…….so he does not care about what causes harm to him and perforates [damages and degrades] his religion, and [similarly] perforates his honour and manhood”

[explanation of an-Nawawee’s 40 hadith].

Evidently the racist “classified secret agent of Masjid Sunnah” has no shame, clearly he is not concerned that his honour and religion are harmed and degraded by his activities of racism and stalking email accounts. Evidently it also appears that Masjid Sunnah have no honour either, since we must now inform them that the pathetic deception of claiming they are innocent of him has failed, rather they conceal his identity and allow him to continue, so for them is to share the disgrace of their racist “agent”.

No doubt, the fact that a leading figure of this organisation has once again experienced the damaging blows of the methodology of salafiyyah upon him will cause pain to befall the hearts of the defenders of innovators; of course we refer to Abu Usamah ad-Dhahabi, the one whom Shaikh Ahmed an-Najmy said concerning,“Your position with him is the same as your position with the People of Innovation. Turn away from him and abandon him. However Masjid Sunnah should not expect a show of sympathy at this painful moment of grieving for them wherein their allies are being refuted and exposed….once again. No doubt the “secret agent” continues to send his emails in a bitter and sorrowful state in witnessing one of his leaders exposed once again. It appears such catastrophe in logic is a contagious affair, as demonstrated by the failed attempt to preserve honour from those who claimed they had not made the effort to remove the video exposing themselves in defending innovators from youtube….rather the exposition of this act of theirs causes even greater disgrace to descend upon them.

We ask Allah to aid us in benefiting from the remainder of this blessed month and protect us from the deviation of such individuals in defending innovators and then attempting to make excuses to justify it.

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