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New Lessons in Nelson, Lancashire UK! – Based on The Belief in Islam and Removing Doubts.

It is pleasing to announce that the lessons will be re-starting in Nelson from this FRIDAY 7th coming @8pm straight after the Maghrib prayer, at the usual location on Manchester Road.

This will be a new series of lessons starting from the beginning.

The topic will be focussing on the issues related to grave worship, seeking intercession from the “pious” dead or prophets, explanation of the correct methodology of ahlus-sunnah wal jama’at in tawheed and the methodology of the prophets in giving dawa.

It will be specifically focussed on answering the doubts many individuals propogate today regarding the “pious” awliyaa of Allah, and the “apparent” permissibilty of directing du’a to them etc….as well as address some of the doubts of the sufi ideology.

It will be a clear and precise explanation of the correct belief and refutation of the incorrect methodologies.

All based upon the great book “kashf ash-shubuhaat” or “Removal of the Doubts” of Shaikh Mohammad bin Abdul-Wahhab.

We advise all to attend and benefit from the books of the great scholars, everyone is welcome, children and adults.

Seperate seating area for women is also available.

Friday 7th September
@8PM [straight after the maghrib prayer]
Whitefield Community Centre
212a Manchester Road, Nelson [top corner of Farrer Street]

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