Shaikh Khaalid Ad-Dhufayri Replies To A Doubt of the people of Innovation

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

A refutation of a doubt spread by the people of (religious) innovations who say: “Take the truth and leave the falsehood from the statements and the books of people of (religious) innovations!”

Sheikh Khâlid Dahwî Ad-Dufayrî refutes this doubt by saying:

“And from the means to be safe from tribulations is to keep away from the people of (religious) innovations, to be cautious of them and to warn against them. This is a salafi foundation stated by the people of knowledge and it has been indicated by the Qurân, the Sunnah and by the statements of the pious predecessors: the Companions, their successors and others.

The people of knowledge agree upon leaving people of (religious) innovations and keeping away from them and this consensus has been reported by many scholars.

They all agree upon keeping away from the people of (religious) innovations and not to read their books nor look into them, except for the one who[1] wants to refute them. As for the general people then they should not read nor listen to anything except from the people of knowledge and they should keep away from the people of desires; they listen to people of Sunnah and keep away from people of (religious) innovations and we do not utter that misguided and innovated rule which is: “Take the truth and leave the falsehood”.

There is no doubt that we have been commanded to take the truth and to leave the falsehood but we have not been commanded to seek the truth from the people of (religious) innovations and people of desires!

We take the truth from the pure sources and we take it from the place where there is neither doubt nor any (religious) innovation!

Translated by Abu Abdir-Rahmaan Mehdi Al-Maghribee with the assistance of Abul Husayn (Yusuf Mcnulty Al-Irlandee) and Abu Tasneem (Mushaf Al-Banghaalee)


[1] Trans. Note: This is for the scholars of Ahl As-Sunnah and its conditions have been explained by the scholars.

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