Our Salaf–Aswad Ibn Yazeed An-Nakha’ee (rahimahullaah)

He was a son of Alqama Ibn Qais’s brother.  He narrated (knowledge) from AbuBakr and Umar (radiyallaahu-anhumaa).  He used to observe fasting (a lot).  He performed between forty hajjs and Umras.  He was a Faqeeh (a scholar of piety and precise understanding) and a Zaahid (i.e. one who abstained from the permissible but unnecessary worldly pleasures).  Ibraaheem An-Nakha’ee (rahimahullaah) said: Aswad used to (finish) recitation of the Qur’aan in two nights during the month of Ramadaan and in six days in other than Ramadaan.  And Alqamah used to (finish) its recitation) in five days.

Source: Seeratus Salaf As-Saaleh by: Imaam Ismaaeel Bin Muhammad Bin Fadl Al-Asbahaanee (535AH: Chapter: A mention of those who followed the companions in righteousness]

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