Our Salaf: Sulaymaan Al-Khawwaas–Two Thoughtful Responses

Ishaaq (rahimahullaah) said: Sulaymaan Al-Khawwaas (rahimahullaah) came to Bairut so Saeed Ibn Abdil Azeez (rahimahullaah) entered upon him (i.e. visited him).  He (Saeed) said to him: ‘’What is it with you that I find you in the dark? He said: The darkness of the grave is more severe.’’  He (Saeed) said: What is it with you that you have no close friend?’’  He said: I fear to have a friend whom I’m not able to fulfil his rights

[Source: Seeratus Salaf As-Saaleh by: Imaam Ismaaeel Bin Muhammad Bin Fadl Al-Asbahaanee (535AH: Chapter: A mention of those who followed the companions in righteousness]

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