Part 1: I asked Abu Khadeejah about Abdur-Raheem McCarthy-Another Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

All praise is due to Allaah and may His salaah and salaam be upon our noble Prophet Muhammad, his family and companions.  To proceed:


I [Abu Mu-aawiyyah (Abdullaah al-Gambi) asked Ustaadh Abdul Waahid Abu Khadeejah (may Allaah preserve him) about the state of affairs of Abdur-Raheem McCarthy Al-Amreekee after coming across his mixing haqq with Baatil, his exaggerations and defence of the people of hizbiyyah such as the likes of Abu Muslimah and the people to be treated the same as Ahlul Bidah such as Abu Usaamah; so he (Ustaadh Abu Khadeejah) said to me: ‘’Narrate from me that I heard Shaikh Muhammad Bin Haadee (may Allaah preserve him) saying: ‘’I warn against Abdur-Raheem.’’

Next topic Inshaa-Allaah:

The false claim of Abdur Raheem that the Salafis hide the commendation (Tadeel) given to certain scholars who were imprisoned and promote the Jarh against them.  Indeed, we do not know whether to cry or laugh at this nonsense.  Abdur-Raheem–the deceiver– neither mentioned the names of those so called scholars nor did he give details of the Tadeel for them and the Jarh against them.  Indeed, we do not expect the likes of Abdur-Raheem to be brave enough to argue his position with Ilm, proofs and evidences; rather he utilised the methods of the Hizbiyyoon (i.e. general statements that can be utilised for both haqq and baatil, and then he chose to utilise them for baatil).   Inshaa-Allaah, we will discuss this in the next post and also the affair of Saeed Rageah another deceiver who exaggerates and mixes haqq with baatil.



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