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“So it would be said to Shaikh Bin Baz, “Which Car Would You Like?”

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Shaikh Bin Baz رحمه الله و تعالى was from amongst the great scholars of our time, well known and recognised for his modesty and humbleness. The following is an occurrence narrated from his lifetime.

It was the case that individuals of the rank and responsibilty of the Shaikh were provided private cars on behalf of the Country, such cars would be provided for a certain period until they would be replaced by an updated model. When the allotted time period would expire on the car of the Shaikh it would be said to him that it requires to be replaced, so the Shaikh would say, “What’s wrong with it?”, he would be told that nothing is wrong, but rather it is procedure to provide a new car after certain periods of time. So then the Shaikh would be asked, “What model of car would you like to replace it with?”.  So the Shaikh would ask, “What models are there?”. He would be told there is Cadillac, Mercedes, Ford etc etc….and so the Shaikh would say, “What about a Caprice?”, he would be told that a Caprice is not a befittingly high-end model of car for his station and rank, so the Shaikh would reply, “Why?! Isn’t the grave we will all end up in the same?”.

Such is the example of the modesty of the scholars, in the first instance the Shaikh is questioning as to why he even requires to have a new car, and then he requests a model that may be considered lower than the superior models.

We ask Allah for modesty and humbleness, indeed beautiful characteristics.

[via the official website of Shaikh bin Baz]

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