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Driving Above the Speed Limit – Shaykh Bin Baaz & Shaykh al-Albani

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The modest and humble nature of the scholars is a beautiful characteristic; in this short example we will witness the good humour and love between two of the great mountains of our time – Shaikh al-Albany and Shaikh bin Baz رحمهما الله. It is a narration of an incident that took place regarding the speed limits of driving, an incident well known to many already, however we will mention it in order that we recognise and remind ourselves of the good natured humour and characteristics of our scholars.

On one occasion one of the students was sitting with Shaikh al-Albany in his car, and the Shaikh was speeding somewhat in driving the car, so the student mentioned to the Shaikh that this particular speed is not allowed and that Shaikh bin Baz has said this is from presenting oneself to destruction [i.e. death due to speeding], or speech resembling that. So Shaikh al-Albany laughed and said, “This is the fatwa of the one who has not himself experienced driving [since Shaikh bin Baz was blind]. The student said, “Oh Shaikh I will inform Shaikh bin Baz of this speech”. Shaikh al-Albany replied, “Tell him”.

The student says he then met Shaikh bin Baz in Makkah and informed him of what occurred, that he had mentioned to Shaikh al-Albany about driving quickly and that he had said Shaikh bin Baz only says that because he has no experience of driving, so Shaikh bin Baz laughed and said, “Tell him, this is the fatwa of the one who has not experienced having to pay the blood money!” [i.e. through perhaps causing death due to speeding].

All this incident was a light-hearted affair of goodness built upon love between the two great scholars may Allah have mercy upon them.

[via Sahab]

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