Clarification of the Affair of Nelson, UK

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Allah سبحانه و تعالى created the creation in order that they may worship Him upon tawhid, He then sent the prophets and messengers with revelations as a guidance to them, to remove them from shirk into tawhid and from darkness into light. Therafter, Allah decreed the lifespans of His servants to be limited and restricted portions of time, so may Allah have mercy upon the one who benefits from his time, and rectify the one who utilises it in wasteful speech and actions that neither benefits his world or Hereafter. We ask Allah to bless us in our time and be from those who strive for a connected heart to Allah and His remembrance, and to protect us from the foolishness of the foolish.

With great regret certain unfortunate individuals have engaged in a lengthy disgraceful affair regarding the Muslim Primary School in Nelson, Lancashire. In recent times, certain individuals from opposing factions in this disgraceful affair have both “alluded” to my support against the other faction – although at the same time some of those individuals also attempt to refute me[!]:

I will now make clear certain affairs explicitly before further false speech is spread and fitnah is caused:

1 – I have no association, upon this date, to the Primary School in Nelson in any capacity, be it as a shoorah member, or on the teaching staff, or financially or otherwise.

2 – Similarly, I have absolutely and utterly no association to the one in dispute with the School against the shoorah. I do not support or endorse that individual in any capacity.

I will therefore advise all those who become aware of this disgraceful affair to abstain from any involvement whatsoever, and to completely distance themselves from the degrading ongoing affair between the School shoorah AND the one who opposes them; indeed the foolishness demonstrated by some during the affair has been beyond comprehension. Protect yourselves and your time and do not lend an ear to the nonsense that eminates from any individual speaking regarding the issue, even if attempts are made to disguise the affair as a manhaj issue.

As for both parties – or rather supporters of the school, and the actual individual who is opposing them – alluding to my support of them[!], then I categorically state my innocence of them all, I do not endorse either party whatsoever. My stance or criticism of certain individual/s involved with the school – and we sincerely make du’a Allah rectifies all our affairs – does not dictate in any way a defence of others [as it is alluded to – intentionally or otherwise – by the one who is in dispute with the School shoora], since he himself may well be equally criticised for his own disgraceful affairs.

We make du’a Allah rectifies the affairs, otherwise by the blessing of Allah we – i.e. a group of brothers not involved in the disgraceful fitnah, along with initial support from our brothers in Manchester to set up – have lessons ongoing in Nelson. These lessons currently discuss the issue of grave worship and other false ideologies promoted by those upon the Sufi methodology and that which branches from it in the town of Nelson and elsewhere. By the permission of Allah the pure religion of tawhid is established.

I request no further time is spent upon this affair, rather everyone is requested to strive for that which will benefit them in this world and the Hereafter.

May Allah protect us from the speech and actions of those who have a share of intellect and understanding that is limited.

Abu Muadh Taqweem bin Aslam Nelson

Emergency Appeal 2023



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