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Does The Order of the prophets in the heaven indicate virtue over one another-Shaikh Rabee


Our Shaykh may Allah preserve you- is it understood that the order of the prophets in the heavens (as in Hadith of the isra – see Sahih bukhari) is in accordance to their virtue over (another) ?


No. No, this is not understood (from the Hadith).  As for Ibraaheem and Moosaa this is indicated; but as for other than them, then no. For indeed Eesaa is from the ulul azam and he was in the second (heaven), whilst Idris and Yoosuf are lesser than him in virtue.  This (Hadith) does not indicate a specific/strict order.

[Source: Fataawa Fil Aqeedah Wal-Manhaj]

Translated by: Abu Abdir-Razzaaq Amjad

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