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Inspiring Story of a Sister who began Practising and Shaikh Fawzan’s Advice to Her

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The following is regarding a sister who began practising by the virtue and blessing of Allah as a consequence of a lecture she listened to by one of the scholars. We highlight, just as Shaikh al-Fawzan حفظه الله himself has stated, that the purpose of becoming aware of such stories is in order to take benefit from them, in order that a person takes admonishment regarding his or her own affairs.

[Paraphrased from Sahab]

The questioner states to the Shaikh, “This is an emotional letter from sister who requests some guidance and advice, she says that Allah the Mighty and Majestic guided me after I listened to a lecture of one of the scholars may Allah reward him, and that she felt the sweetness of eemaan since that day and she lives a different life now, a life full of happiness and comfort with her children who she teaches the Book of Allah and Islam, and she says she remembers and supplicates to Allah in all her affairs. She also says she began wearing the appropriate Islamic clothing suitable to the muslim woman, however upon this new change of lifestyle she says her family and relatives considered her ill [!] and that the rest of her family always conflict with her and consider her to be influenced by whispers [!] so she has sent this letter requesting you direct her and advise her on the affair in terms of staying firm and upright”.

Shaikh al-Fawzaan: “Yes, this is good news, glad tidings from this woman who was influenced by a good lecture and may Allah reward the one who delivered it with goodness. This is what is befitting of lectures, that they are done in clarification of this religion and explanation of the virtues of it and encouragement upon that. Lectures should not be in other affairs, entering into politics and what resembles those affairs that wastes peoples time and incites them and in fact harms them! So this is how lectures should be [about the religion and virtues and encouragement] especially in mosques and sermons and admonitions upon this style, as reminders upon Allah and teaching the people that which they are ignorant of from the affairs of their religion.

And when you mentioned [addressing the sister] that you repented to Allah and began practicing and covered with the correct hijab then this is goodness for you, and this is a new life for you different to your previous life, a life of guidance and eemaan, so it is upon you to remain firm upon this and continue, increase in eemaan, increase in listening to beneficial lectures and remembrance, and do not be intimidated by the ones attempting to frighten you and those opposing you to make you regress or leave that which Allah bestowed upon you, these are the shayaateen of humans who desire to misguide the people and do not care for goodness.

So upon you is firmness and clinging to that which you are upon and patience, and upon you is to learn beneficial knowledge so that your worship is upon insight and beneficial knowledge”.

[via Sahab]

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