[1] Abridged: The meeting between Yahyah Az-Zummiy and shaytaan–derived benefits by Shaikh Rabee

 Abdillaah Al-Qazweeniy also narrated to us, saying: Yahyaa Ibnu Abdaka Al-Qazweeniy said: I heard Yahyaa Ibn Yoosuf Az-Zummiy saying: ”Once I was taking a midday nap in one of the sandstone inns, then suddenly a powerful creature (of  a strange and frightening appearance) entered upon me, so I said: ”who are you?”  He said: ”You not scared O father of Zakariyyah!” I said: ”Yes, (i.e. Am not scraed), who are you?”, and I stood up ready to fight him.  So he said: ”I am Abu Murra (i.e. shaytaan).’’  So I said:Laa HayyaakAllaah.” So he said: ”Had I known that you were in this house I would not have entered and I would have resided in another house. This has been my place of residence since I came to khurasaan.”  I said: ”Where did you come from?” He said: ”From Iraq.”  So I said: ”what did you do in Iraq?” He said:”I have left a vicegerent in (Iraq).”  I said: ”who is he?”  He said:”Bishr Al-Marreesiy.”   I said: ”what is he calling to (i.e. propagating)?”  He said: ”He is  propagating) that the Qur’aan is created, and I came to khurasaan and also left a vicegerent in it.”  I said: ”what do you say about the Qur’aan?”  He said:  ”and even though I am an accursed devil, I say that the Qur’aan is the speech of Allaah and it is not created

Inshaa-Allaah, the next post will present the benefits derived from this story by Al-Allaamah Rabee Bin Haadee al-Madkhalee-may Allaah preserve him


باب ذكر اللفظية، ومن زعم أن هذا القرآن حكاية للقرآن الذي في اللوح المحفوظ كذبوا…/ من شرح الشريعة للآجري-رحمه الله



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