Al-Allaamah Rabee Bin Haadee Al-Madkhalee (may Allaah preserve him) said:

One day I was coming from Bat-haan and entering into Madeenah; thus in front of me was a car and in it was (written) ”Yaa Allaah! Yaa Muhammad”  with a red writing.  I steered my car behind this car and its driver sped off, for he understood that I did realize (the shirk written in his car).  He drove off fast and I drove fast behind him until we got close; then he stopped the car and came out.  He said: ”Did you touch it (i.e. his car)?” I did not speak to him just yet, because he realized it (i.e. that his car was touched). I said: ”Yes, I did touch it.”  This highlights (the fact) that he was under siege.  Lay a siege against these superstitious grave worshippers in the land of Tawheed (i.e the land of true Islamic Monotheism).

[source: Al-Fataawaa: 1/13-14]


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