Al-Allaamah Rabee Bin Haadee Al-Madkhalee (may Allaah preserve him) said:

The first exorcist in Madeenah was a colleague of ours.  He was a very good Salafi and he used to teach in the Prophet’s Mosque. By Allaah he used to have a great effect on many of the soofi youth in Madeenah more than others. Then shaytaan came to him! By Allaah he consulted me before he entered (into exorcism) because he was a friend of mine. He consulted me saying: ”O Shaikh Rabee! I taught such and such a person exorcism and at present he charges money and he has earned 40 thousand for his exorcism (services)!!”  I said to him, ”I advise you not to enter into this affair”.  He said: ”By Allaah I fear the (harm) of the swindlers and magicians upon the people.”  I said to him, ”By Allaah it is not your responsibility; you not have power over the swindlers and the magicians? He said: ”Yes.” So I said to him: ”Do what the callers to Allaah (The Mighty and Majestic) do,  (for) Shaikh Abdullaah Al-Qar’aawee came to us in a land in which many people were ill and bedridden, and from what (were they ill and bedridden)?  They (were ill and bedridden) due to the (harm of the) Jinn and such and such. They used to go out and come across the Jinn at night near the trees, on the roads and so on, and the shayaateen used to overcome them, (because) they were ignorant and did not have the true Islamic monotheism. So he (i.e. Shaikh Abdullaah Al-Qar’aawee) came along and disseminated Tawheed and not exorcism or anything else, and all these affairs (i.e. the illnesses and harms of the shayaateen) ceased. All of it ended when Tawheed and knowledge were disseminated. All these affairs ceased when Tawheed and knowledge became widespread, but when ignorance became widespread, magic, soothsaying and the shayaateen became many.  And in this (state of affairs) the magicians, soothsayers and shayaateen  co-operated with one another.”

So I advised him to do (the same) as the callers to rectification amongst the callers to Tawheed and the fighters against shirk.  This will drive away the shayaateen from (the people) and they will not be in need of exorcism against the shayaateen, the magicians and other than them; but he refused and entered in exorcism. Then after that the people competed him- one in Riyaad, one in Tabook and one in Jeddah.  So he wrote in the newspapers that the shayaateen are not able to enter humans.  He used to beat a person painfully when performing exorcism, whilst saying (to the shaytaan), ‘’Leave O enemy of Allaah’’ in recognition that shaytaan can enter a person, but when those who competed him became numerous, he said that shaytaan cannot enter a person.  He (started) playing tricks….

[Al-Fataawaa: 1/62-63]


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