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Is it Permissible to Take Gifts or Money from an Individual who Deals in Interest? Shaikh Rabee’

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Many questions often arise regarding those who take interest, whether it be a father or brother or friend, and whether it is permissible to accept gifts or money from them, the following is the answer of Shaikh Rabee’ حفظه الله to this issue taken from his explanation of “Sharh as-Sunnah of al-Imam al-Barbahaary”:

Q: “What is the ruling on taking gifts from a man who has wealth from interest?”

A: “Do not take it, [and actually] the scholars have mentioned details regarding haraam [unlawful and impermissible] wealth generally, interest based or otherwise. If the majority of his wealth is halaal [lawful and permissible] then take from him…they [the scholars] said the ruling is upon the majority. If the majority is halaal, then take it [gifts etc] from him, and you can seek to take a loan from him, and you can deal with him in his wealth on affairs of this nature. However, if the majority of his wealth is haraam then it is not permissible for you to take anything from him, neither gifts nor food nor anything”.

(عون الباري ببيان ما تضمنه شرح السنة للإمام البربهاري ص784)

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