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The Origin of the “Croissant” | Abu Hakeem Bilal Davis

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Important Note:
Abu Hakeem, may Allah protect him, has never claimed that eating a Crossaint is ‘haram’. Listen to the audio again carefully!

Secondly, this lecture was given under the context of the lecture entitled: “The Origins of Christmas.” and hence was given as an Example to show some the origins of things that we are familiar with today and then to go on and show the origin of the rituals practiced by Christians in Christmas. He was merely making the point that knowing the origin of something can makes ones perception change.

Only a shameful liar would claim otherwise.

A response to Abu Eesa Niamatullah:

Evaluating the Claim of Salafiyyah by Abu Eesa Niamatullah and His Slanders Against the Adherents to the Salafi Methodology:

1st Open Letter to Abu Eesa Niamatullah to Make Tawbah to Allaah and Apologise for His Slanders


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