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Part 7.2: The False Principles of Ali Halabi (The Innovator)

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy


Halabi Defended Those Who Were Refuted For Their deviations

Observations were made concerning the state of affairs of Usaamah Qoosee, Abu Ishaaq Al-Huwaynee, Muhammad Hassaan and Muhammad Husain Yaqoob; but even before a group of people rallied behind them and listened to them, they did utter statements indicating their deviation from the Salafi Manhaj.  Therefore, the Salafis demanded from them a recantation from these deviations, but they did not; rather they launched a war against those Salafi Scholars who refuted them.

Then Ali Halabi and his companions at Markaz Imaam Albaanee did nothing but join the ranks of these people in opposing Shaikh Rabee and his brothers amongst the Salafi scholars.  He did this under the false pretence of pursuing the middle path and that they were waging war against Extremism in the affair of Criticism and declaring people innovators without a justified reason.  So Shaikh Ahmad An-Najmi stopped him and Mash-hoor Hasan in their tracks by refuting and warning against them.  Likewise, Shaikh Ubaid did the same.   As for Shaikh Rabee, he exercised a lot of patience towards Halabi and his companions and advised them repeatedly.  He advised them repeatedly despite the fact that they did utter unbefitting statements against him.  However, he still gave them a final advice in his house but it did not benefit them.

Then a hidden affair became manifested and that was the connection between Markaz Imaam Albaanee and the organisation Ihyaa Turaath—that organization well known for hizbiyyah, politics, its Qutbi orientation and affiliation with one of the heads of innovation of this era known as Abdur-Rahmaan Abdul Khaaliq. [Source: Paraphrased and abridged from Al-Baraaheen Al-Ateedah Fee Kashfi Ahwaal Wa-Ta’seelaat Ali Al-Halabi Al-Jadeedah’ page: 51 onwards]

To be continued Inshaa-Allaah


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