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The Mufti ‘Abdul ‘Aziz aale-Shaikh Refutes Claims on Twitter Regarding an Operation to His Eyesight

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

It has become apparent that claims have been circulated upon Twitter, that the Mufti Shaikh ‘Abdul’Aziz aale-Shaikh intends to have an operation utilising modern techniques to restore his eyesight at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital, Saudi Arabia. It is claimed this operation will be able to restore possibly 90% of his vision.

Regarding these statements and claims the Shaikh has stated, “There is no basis to what is being spread across social networks, this is a lie, I am content with that which Allah has apportioned for me, and all praise is due to Allah the Lord of the Worlds”.

[via Sahab]

How amazing is the affair of the people! Just as the scholars state, “There is much lying in these times”.

Perhaps we may take a lesson and admonition from this regarding the usage of Twitter and other such networks due to the vast amount of baseless information that is circulated. Only reliable, trustworthy individuals/organisations should be followed for updates and beneficial articles, sources of learning etc. It is not befitting to follow unknown individuals or degraded individuals that will not benefit a person in his affairs.

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