Degraded and Disgraceful Affairs of Certain “Madeenahdotcom” Member/s and Associates – 1st Degradation

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As it is well known and established, our methodology is based upon the Qur’an & Sunnah with the Understanding of the Salaf of this Ummah. That pure and sound methodology that was practiced by the seal of the prophets Mohammad صلى الله عليه و سلم and his companions رضي الله عنهم; that pure and sound methodology that was preserved and passed down generation after generation from the Righteous Salaf onwards, implemented and taught by the great Imaams the likes of Imam Ahmad, then ibn Taymiyyah then Mohamad bin ‘Abdul-Wahhab, and to our time Shaikh bin Baz, Shaikh ibn ul-‘Uthaymeen, Shaikh al-Albany, Shaikh Ahmed an-Najmy رحمهم الله, Shaikh al-Fawzan, Shaikh Zaid bin Haady al-Madkhaly, Shaikh Rabee’ حفظهم الله to name a few.

It is with great regret that certain individuals to this day encounter extreme difficulty in practicing and teaching this clear methodology…despite their “claim” to Salafiyyah; indeed it is with even greater regret certain individuals who claim an association to knowledge, who claim having studied with the scholars, who claim having graduated from Islamic Institutes, do not cease to experience a severe difficulty in speaking the truth and implementing this sound methodology.

The following article will be a summary of one of the disgraceful affairs that have been experienced from several individuals – from amongst those who have encountered this “difficulty” in practicing the sound methodology – it is not a specification of any one given individual hence no one given name is identified, rather it is a generic clarification of some of the degrading behaviour witnessed as a whole, applicable to multiple individuals. It is an affair that continues to surface again and again – as experienced recently with a madeenahdotcom member -, and so we will clarify again and again to crush this deception.

The claim that they cannot accept the refutations of al-Ma’riby and al-Halaby and their likes, despite the clear detailed refutations that exist, since the “tarbiyyah” [cultivation, upringing, way of behaviour] they have been taught by the scholars is to “not become involved”.

Response: No doubt the scholars have and continue to advise the students and people to busy themselves in that which benefits them, that is the advice of Shaikh Rabee’ and others [we specify the name of Shaikh Rabee’ since it is as if those deviated individuals attempt to portray that the Shaikh busies the people with that which does not benefit subhaanAllah]. However, the most fascinating observation in this regard is the somewhat disturbing bi-polar mentality of these deviated individuals whereby they claim they cannot speak and advise people regarding innovators such as al-Ma’riby and al-Halaby [who have been refuted and exited from Salafiyyah due to their oppositions to the sound methodology] since apparently the “tarbiyyah” they were given from the scholars was to not become involved in such affairs of refutation etc…is it not disturbing – yet fascinating at the same time – how this “tarbiyyah” is brushed aside when it comes to our noble Salafi brothers, whether they be here at al-Markaz as-Salafi, or at SalafiPublications or elsewhere, or whether it is specific individuals at any of these Salafi Centres or several? For indeed you will not witness them implementing their “tarbiyyah” in that instance, rather they will happily mention whatever they are able to gather together in terms of speech against them, and even go into further details and claim jarh mufassir [detailed criticism] exists of certain brothers, and that the appraisal is general etc etc…. disturbing yet fascinating how the “tarbiyyah” is temporarily switched off to enable them to happily speak about the salafis wherever and whoever they may be? Disturbing – yet fascinating – how they are unable to clarify the reality of innovators – individuals who have exited from the fold of Salafiyyah – [due to their “tarbiyya”[!]] yet are able to conveniently speak against other individuals who are SALAFIS? An amazing “tarbiyyah” they claim they have recieved?!

We ask to be protected  from this pitiful state whereby speaking against salafis is of no concern, yet speaking against innovators is a complicated dilemma too difficult to engage in[!]. By Allah it is beyond comprehension how every possible excuse is employed to maintain the deviated figureheads, yet apparently non of those reasons apply to the salafis? “Tarbiyyah”, “We were told not to get involved”, “The scholars have differed”….everything is put to one side when the topic of criticising salafis is mentioned Allahul Musta’an.

We ask Allah to rectify this bi-polar tarbiyyah that some of these disgraceful and degraded individuals have decided to implement, whereby every possible excuse under the Sun will be utilised to refrain from speaking the truth on deviated innovators and their defenders – even lying -, yet refuting the salafis is from the other pole of this apparent “tarbiyyah” and therefore perfectly ok! May Allah aid us and protect us from such pitiful speech and behaviour, and honour us with the pure methodology of Salafiyyah in learning and practice.

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