Degraded and Disgraceful Affairs of Certain “Madeenahdotcom” Member/s and Associates – 2nd Degradation

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

By Allah it is saddening that we are compelled to use our precious time in rebutting the nonsensical, absurd and at times dumbfounding statements and actions of those attributing an association to knowledge and the scholars.

Certain individuals to this day make every attempt to refrain from speaking the truth, rather they conceal the truth, concerning innovators such as al-Ma’riby, al-Halaby and their likes. With this regard, we witnessed the attempts of one such madeenhdotcom affiliate to maintain a stance of concealing the truth on al-Ma’riby; the audacity of the lie and attempt at deception may disturb some, but we ask Allah to open our hearts to accepting the truth and realising the reality of these individuals.

A certain Madeenahdotcom member claimed in a gathering with myself and other brothers present that he is being lied against and that actually he is “with Shaikh Rabee’ on the issue of al-Ma’riby” in an attempt to refute the reality that he actually holds a very deceptive chamelon-like position on the affair. Upon declaring that statement the other brothers in the gathering appeared to be convinced at the very open and straight forward nature of his declaration, however I was aware of this individual’s deception from having known him for the region of 15 years and spent time with him during the days at Madinah University. I therefore asked a simple question, “In that case you declare al-Ma’riby is an innovator?”, considering he had moments earlier proclaimed he was being lied against and that he is with Shaikh Rabee’ [and Shaikh Rabee’s stance is well known in declaring al-Ma’riby an innovator] it would have been thought that the answer would have been a straight forward “yes, of course”….otherwise how could he possibly declare that he is with Shaikh Rabee’? With great regret however, it appears certain individuals have very little – if any – honour left for themselves, in an absolute disgraced and degraded manner he stumbled and stuttered upon his words, and with a facial expression ridden with outright guilt he demonstrated clearly he was not able to say “yes”[!]. Instead he began to alter the course of the discussion to other statements of the scholars etc…at which point it became clear that actually he was NOT with Shaikh Rabee’ at all and was in fact attempting a pitiful deception!

By Allah, it is an absolute disaster that an individual who proclaims himself as a “student” could engage in such an attempt at deception and in fact lie. He had hoped no doubt that everyone would simply accept his statement at face value and not pursue it further and perhaps did not anticipate the one simple question that exposed his failed attempt at this disgraceful deception. That in of itself  is sufficient as an exposition of the deceptive nature of such individuals, however the exposition continued.

The individual [upon realising the attempted deception had failed] then began to quote statements of scholars and advice regarding “not becoming involved” in the issue, and so he adopted the new strategy in the gathering of claiming that he was simply following the advice of scholars and not becoming involved and therefore did not have any position and it was not upon him to speak on the issue; truly amazing bearing in mind just moments earlier he was “with Shaikh Rabee”[!]. However after 2 hours of proclaiming this, he was once again exposed by his own deceptive tongue that was unfortunately for him unable to maintain the deception, in the midst of the discussion it slipped from his tongue that actually he “does not declare al-Ma’riby an innovator!” [أنا لا أبدعه were his exact words since the gathering was conducted in Arabic].

Therefore in the space of 2 hours the following occured:

1- Firstly he proclaimed that he was being lied againt and that he is in fact “with Shaikh Rabee'”…but was exposed when asked very simply if al-Ma’riby therefore is an innovator and he rejected that.

2- Then he moved onto taking the position that it is not upon him to become involved or take a position for the next 2 hours.

3- Finally his third change of colours was to let slip that actually he doesnt view al-Ma’riby an innovator at all! Which nullified the whole of his 2 hour argument that “its not upon him to become involved or take a position” since he had now clearly taken a position! In fact he had TWICE taken a position – even though he spent 2 hours presenting evidences that he should not have to do that – since at the beginning he was apparently taking the position of Shaikh Rabee’ [although that was a blatant attempt at deception].

A catastrophic failure may be one way to describe the pitiful shameless behaviour of this individual, and we may add, pre-meditated, since he was aware this gathering was to potentially occur in advance. From apparently being with Shaikh Rabee’, then taking no position, to finally making a full 180 degree turn into declaring he does not view al-Ma’riby an innovator…all of that in approximately the space of 2 hours[!].

By Allah we ask, was this chameleon-like behaviour the way of the Salaf? Protect yourselves and implement the advice of Shaikh Mohammad bin Haady in distancing yourselves from such deceptive individuals.

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