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The Rise of the “E-Mail Shaikhs” after the Statement of Shaikh Rabee’ on al-Hajoori

In The Name of Allaah, The Most Merciful, The Bestower of Mercy

We thank Allah for the clarity that has arisen across the horizon after the dust of turmoil and fitnah the fanatics of al-Hajoori have so regrettably burdened us with; may Allah reward our Shaikh al ‘allama Rabee al-Madkhaly حفظه الله for presenting the clarification to end their futile speech.

Despite the clarity of Shaikh Rabee’s statement, it is unfortunately not surprising to experience the emergence of a select group of masaakeen trouble-makers insisting on making attempts to elongate the issue beyond its required boundaries due to their restless hearts and inability to humble themselves to the reality. Such individuals – whether among us here in Manchester or elsewhere – are often characterised by the exact description stated by Shaikh Rabee’ referring to al-Hajoori that “all of them are under his feet”; truly it appears these masaakeen individuals seem to live in a world of delusion whereby they consider themselves somehow superior to all others. In a world whereby they have deluded themselves into believing that the Salafi Centre has engaged in “criminal” acts against salafiyyah[!], a world whereby their delusional state of superiority leads them to making conditional dua’s to Allah against salafis to have their backs broken here and there[!]… a world where they – and ONLY they – understand Salafiyyah[!] and everyone else is worthless, and in fact – as mentioned – criminal in their Salafiyyah[!], just as Shaikh Rabee’ stated, “all the salafis are now innovators except for Yahya”…amazing how accurate the Shaikh’s words are upon certain individuals here in Manchester and elsewhere in their futile and foolish speech against this Salafi Centre and elsewhere.

It is interesting to note however – as the title suggests – that some from amongst these individuals have adopted the high ranking station of declaring themselves as “E-Mail Shaikhs”, sending their filth to individuals who at times are completely innocent of the affair and have no issue in recognising the reality in light of Shaikh Rabee’s statement. This is most likely due to the fact that such individuals are isolated loners who rarely venture anywhere close to the vicinity of the salafi masjid let alone enter it, and Allahu ‘alam how often they have actually stepped foot into the salafi masjid in the last year, 2 years, 5 years? So such masaakeen find themselves in a situation of desperation whereby they have no other means of feasible communication except to become “e-mail shaikhs”.

In reality such foolish masaakeen are “waging a war against the salafis and salafiyyah” as Shaikh Rabee’ stated, albeit via their only remaining method of desperation of sending and forwarding useless emails, since they are aware no-one with any intellect would congregate around them physically. Shaikh Rabee’ stated, “we have recieved complaints from all over the world”, no doubt Manchester itself is no different as we have experienced the foolishness of the fanatics of al-Hajoori here too.

It is of little surprise such foolish behaviour is witnessed from them, it is as Shaikh Rabee’ said – taking an oath by Allah -, “a person would go [to dammaj] for two or three days or a month or two and would then go to a far place as Russia saying, “…Yahya is in the sky and ‘Ubayd is an innovator””[!], once again amazingly accurate to the reality we face from the foolish masaakeen amongst us in Manchester and elsewhere. The same masaakeen that would once again fall under the statement of Shaikh Rabee’,”his students are extremists, with an extremism that has no equal”. That is something witnessed here, the extremism of such foolish “students” of al-Hajoori and those upon his way in their extremism toward the salafis and the salaficentre, in their baseless, nonsensical and at times completely deluded absurd speech.

We conclude this short advice by mentioning what Shaikh Rabee’ stated, “There is no-one more harmful than Yahya, only Dammaj is left and all the other centres are under the feet” [!]… truly amazing how the Shaikh’s description is so truly applicable to the handful of select masaakeen in their extremist claims that the Salafi Centre is somehow criminal[!] and only they “truly” understand salafiyyah[!].

All our noble readers of intellect will recognise that this is a humiliating “backlash” from such extremist fanatics of al-Hajoori against the Salafi centre in any way, shape or form they are able to muster together, even with issues completely and utterly disconnected to the subject! Or by continuously attempting to bring up affairs that occurred at such a distant time in the past they are barely remembered by most!…all because Shaikh Rabee’ has made a clear statement on the affair and the extremist methodology has been exposed and made apparent, how truly deplorable are their acts Allahul Musta’an. How embarrassing and degrading is it to see them waste their time “attacking” the one masjid in Manchester that calls to salafiyyah pure and sound, with a connection to the scholars, regular lessons conducted by various students based upon the works of our great salafi scholars… yet the extremists will always seek to find fault.

We advise all those who are keen upon utilising their time wisely and beneficially to refrain from engaging in any such absurd behaviour with those masaakeen time-wasting enraged individuals…they have exposed themselves with their despicable behaviour that is completely in line with what Shaikh Rabee’ stated regarding their charecteristics, “his students are extremists, with an extremism that has no equal”…absolute gulluw [extremism].

We ask Allah to protect us from their tongues, and to strengthen the Salafi Centre upon righteousness and in propagation of the truth despite the rage of the fanatics.

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